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Public Consultation on the New Draft Childminding Regulations

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We are delighted to inform you that the public consultation on the New Draft Childminding Regulations has been launched. This public consultation is your opportunity to help shape the future of childminding in Ireland.


Minister O’Gorman’s Press Release can be accessed on the following link:


Public Consultation Information can be accessed on the following links:

National Action Plan for Childminding 2021 - 2028

gov - National Action Plan for Childminding 2021 - 2028 (


We understand that these regulations represent an enormous change for childminders. This public consultation aims to ensure that as many childminders as possible can have their say. Cork City and County Childcare Committees will facilitate focus groups with childminders throughout the county in the coming weeks. These focus groups will be held in person and online. Further details on dates and times will be confirmed shortly.

National Action Plan For Childminding

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The Action Plan is a pathway being developed over the next 8 years towards regulation, support and subsidies for all paid, non-relative childminders. The Action Plan will bring both change and significant benefits for childminders, children and the families using their services.

Within the first 2-3 years the action plan will enable childminders to  access  subsidies through the National Childcare Scheme, helping parents to pay for their services.

The National Action Plan for Childminding (NAPC) aims to support children and their families to experience the benefits of quality childminding in a relationship-based, home-from-home, family-life environment.

See the You tube video summary of National Action Plan for Childminding  or click on the images below for more information - 

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